Tithes and Offerings During the COVID closure


During the pandemic, we are exercising physical distancing by opening electronic forms of accepting Tithes & Offerings. There are a few ways to give back to God.  For every option, it is important to indicate which account funds should be applied to and how much to allocate to each account.  Please see the options below.


send by Cheque 

Send your cheques by mail to our Treasury team directly. If you have a Tithes & Offering envelope, use an envelope to indicate which accounts you would like to allocate the funds to.  If you do not have any envelopes, clearly indicate the date, your Name, your Address, your Phone Number and list every account and how much you would like to allocate to each account. Cheques will be deposited on a weekly basis as they are received, however, please allow 1-3 weeks from the time you send the cheque in the mail to allow for any postage delays and extra time for the Treasury team to sanitize all mail and contents.  

For example: Joe Smith is sending a cheque and his offering is for $300.00. Joe has included a piece of paper indicating that he is allocating $200 to Tithes and $100 to Church Budget.

Please mail your cheques to: PO Box 66, Agincourt, ON, M1S 3B4


give using interac E-TRANSFER

We have worked with the bank to set up Auto-deposits.  If your bank participates in Interac E-transfer, you may utilize this option to transfer your Tithes & Offerings.  Most banks and financial institutions use this method.  If you are unsure, please call your bank directly to find out if they participate and how to perform an E-transfer. Some banks charge a fee for this type of transaction so be sure to find that out as well.

  1. If you would like to send E-transfers, you will need to set up a new Payee.  You will only need to set up a new Payee once.  To set up Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church as a new Payee, use the following email address (it is important that you enter this email accurately):  tnorthtreasurer@adventistontario.org
  2. When sending an e-transfer, there is a section for a "Message".  Indicate in the Message field, the accounts you would like to allocate funds to. For example: Joe Smith is setting up an e-transfer and his offering is for $300.00. Joe has indicated in the Message field: "200-Tithes/100-Church Budget".  Joe is informing the Treasury team that that he is allocating $200 to Tithes and $100 to Church Budget.
  3. If you do not indicate any information in the Message field, funds will be allocated to Local Church Budget by default.
  4. To ensure that you receive a tax receipt at the end of the calendar year, follow step #5.  
  5. The Message section usually has a limit on how many letters you can include. If you are unable to fit all the information in this field or wish to include additional information, you can send an email to our Treasury team with a list of all the accounts and how much to allocate to. 
    1. To proceed with this step, in the Message field of your e-transfer, type "Email sent" and proceed with sending your e-transfer.
    2. In the email that you will send to the Treasury team, please try to send the email from the same email account that you use for e-banking. 
    3. In the subject, indicate "Offering for" then indicate your name.
    4. In the body of the email, indicate your Name, your Address, your Phone Number and list every account and how much you would like to allocate to each account. 
    5. If your email address is different than your e-banking email, please also indicate the e-banking email address.
    6. Send the email to: tnorthtreasurer@adventistontario.org


Give using Online Giving

Through Adventist Giving, we have a secure online tool to provide Tithes & Offerings.  You can access this link by clicking on "Online Giving" on our menu.  Alternatively, you can go directly to their website: https://adventistgiving.org and search for "Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church" with the address 25 Sewells Rd (our old address) or 23 Gage Ave (our new address) in Scarborough, Ontario. For instructions on how to navigate around this site, click on FAQ on the bottom-right corner of the site.  

You will see most of the accounts frequently used by our Congregation.  If you do not see an account and would like it to be added, please contact our Treasury team by email: tnorthtreasurer@adventistontario.org


Other Options

We understand that there are members that are unable to use any of the available options listed above. If you need another option, please contact any one of your Elders or Deacons to make special arrangements on how to get your Tithes & Offerings deposited.  Our treasury team recommends that you try to utilize one of the other options to ensure that we are providing a low-risk environment for the Elders, Deacons, Treasury team and supporting members.


We thank you for your cooperation and patience during this time.  If you have any questions or need additional information not listed here, feel free to contact our Treasury team at tnorthtreasurer@adventistontario.org.

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