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Welcome to the Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are a Christian community and would love to have you join our family. To learn more about what we believe you can visit our About Us page. Please join us for Bible study, worship, and prayer.

Pastor Leonard Northe
pastor, Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church

We are always inviting prayer requests.  If you would like to be added to our Prayer List or would like us to pray for someone or something, whatever it is, the Lord is listening.  Feel free to use our Prayer Request form on our menu.


online service and Church closure due to covid-19:

Ephesus has been mandated to close our doors amidst this pandemic. We are continuously praying for you and those affected during this time. As a result of the closure, we are holding our Sabbath Services online starting at 10 am every Saturday until further notice. Visit our Online Services page for more details.


link to meeting room:

Online Sabbath Service with Pastor Leonard Northe


To join by phone OR WEB:

Visit our Online Services page.



For more information on how to give during this time, visit our page on our Main Menu titled "Tithes and Offering during the COVID Closure". 

Alternatively, you can continue to use our online tools to provide your Tithes & Offerings by clicking on "Online Giving" on our menu. 



As you may have noticed, we have changed our name from Toronto North Seventh-day Adventist Church.  We are delighted to announce that have merged with our sister church, Salem Seventh-day Adventist Church. Together, we are Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church

Not only have we merged but we have also moved to a new venue and will start in-person worship as soon as services commence after the COVID-19 closures and restrictions. As we work towards rebranding and informing our partners of our changes, please keep visiting our site to get updates on when we will hold our first service at this new location.  Our new location details are:


Location: 23 Gage Ave, Scarborough, ON, M1J 1t3 (inside knob hill united Church)
Services: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm (due to the pandemic, we are holding online services which start at 10 AM)

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